Welcome to "Extreme Vengeance Wrestling"

Extreme Vengeance Wresting is a Wrestling E-Federation. A true traditional E-Federation with the customary Wrestling Shows Raw and Smackdown and Supershow. This E-Federation carries out the Online Professional Wrestling World in a way better than any other E-Federation. Raj Singh on Thursday March 28th 2013 founded Wrestling Allegiance Impact, where of which he takes on the role as the Chairman, Raw General Manager, Smackdown General Manager and Supershow General Manager. This is now the era of the Vengeance !

An E-Federation is an online professional wrestling game company where wrestling fans from all accross the world can be a part of and live their true wrestling life career. Wrestling Allegiance Impact, Match Cards are the Wrestling Shows but in the form of a story/script, the wrestling in the matches are all from out in our gathered together roster. Match Cards are made weekly so remember to keep up with them and try to vote everytime, Voting, the roster will need to vote on every match card and the superstars (our users/roster) with the most votes shall win the match, to vote just simply add a comment in the comment box below the match card. There are usually around 4-6 matches per card, so keep up with it and have the best E-Fedding Experience ever. So get ready for the Vengeance !

Kind regards from Raj Singh